Cheshire East Council, Congleton Town Council and Congleton Partnership have announced a major investment programme for Congleton.

Congleton is set to get £1 million boost from a key development project designed to drastically improve the town centre.

Congleton will see a million pound investment

Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council, will look to start improving the pedestrianised areas of High Street, Bridge Street, Duke Street and Little Street as well as the creation of a community square at the junction of High Street and Market Street in 2015.These improvements between High Street and the pedestrianised zone will become a high-quality, multi-use space for occasional markets, festivals and other street activities

The schemes will be part of a plan to re-establish Congleton as an attractive location to live, work, shop, visit and do business. One of the key problems for many towns, including Congleton, is the proliferation of ‘street clutter’. Signs, bollards, advertisements and pedestrian guard rails all contribute to the both the visual and physical intrusion.

This makes it harder for pedestrians, especially the elderly and those with young children, to move though the town. Improving the streetscape will have the added benefit of enhancing the buildings and their architectural appearance.

Costs for the project are yet to be finalised but are estimated to be in the region of £1m, which is being allocated by Cheshire East out of this year’s budget.

Councillor Michael Jones Leader of Cheshire East Council, said:

“The Council is keen to deliver these projects as soon as possible as a way of facilitating and promoting further developments within the town. Congleton has a rich heritage and a lot still to offer and we are determined to boost the economic wellbeing of the town. This project will act as a catalyst for further change and investment. They are yet another example of this Council putting residents first.”


Cllr Bob Edwards, Leader of the Town Council added:

“Together with Steve Foster of the Congleton Partnership and other key members of the Town Council we have been working with the Leader of Cheshire East Council for the past 12 months to achieve this result. This is fantastic news for Congleton. We look forward to working with Cheshire East on revitalising the town centre and will be sharing information with residents and businesses.”

This announcement was made following a meeting which took place on Monday 24th November with Cllr Michael Jones, key members of his Cabinet and Town Councillors Bob Edwards, Paul Bates, Glen Williams and Elizabeth Wardlaw.