Bob’s Blog Part 3 – Appears first in the Congleton Chronicle.

Bob is a born and bred Congletonian, and in his younger days lived in Back Park Street with his family. Bob says he’s getting on a bit now, but he’s  in the know about anything worth doing or hearing about as far as older people are concerned .  Over to you Bob……

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At my school we used to learn to recite poems – don’t think the kids of today do that kind of thing anymore.    But Monday mornings at St Stephens’ that’s what we did.   So it wasn’t surprising that yesterday I woke up reciting ‘Ode to Autumn’ – John Keats  – one of my favourite poems from school days.   Says it all –

Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…..!!  And… time to put the garden to bed for the Winter!  I need to find the time to bring in the begonias and geraniums before the frost gets them! Can be a funny time of year though – I often feel a bit down when the nights draw in.  I think it’s good to have things to do and things to look forward to.  A couple of things I will be going along to.- .Wednesday afternoon’s friendship club –known as FIR –Friends In Retirement.   A Cup of tea, another cup of tea, piece of cake, a few games of bingo, a raffle, lots of chat, and sometimes a talk on something of interest to us more senior citizens.  And all for a couple of quid!  And of course wherever Joan Myatt is you will be sure of a very warm welcome.  So put it in your diary, St. Mary’s Parish Centre, West Road, 2.00-4.00pm.  Wednesdays.   Another good one is the two- course hot meal at Wellspring Church up Canal Street.   It’s called ‘Senior Diners’, the last Wednesday in the month.  You can just have the meal or you can stay for the speaker afterwards – it’s up to you.  It costs just £4 and you need to ring Arthur on 01260 275 568 to book your place

Part of my ‘Getting ready for Winter’ is to get my flu jab sorted – I’ve missed the September ones so I’m popping down on 18th November.   And don’t forget if you’re not 65 yet or not entitled to a free jab, it costs less than £10 in most pharmacies-  even some of the supermarkets do it now, so add it to your shopping list!

I had quite a bit of interest after last week about that CVD check I had (Cardio Vascular and diabetes).  So just for the record, those checks are available to anyone over 40, and you can have them every 3 years.   They only cover things like blood pressure checks, risk of heart disease and diabetes so they don’t check for cancer .   My doctor sent me an invite but not all surgeries do it that way so you might have to ask.

But don’t all rush at once….I’ll be in the soup for overloading the system!

I’ve so much to say this week – but I must pass this on today or you’ll miss it!  Our CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bureau) are marking Big Energy Saving Week with an event at the Plus Dane Bromley Farm Hub on Parnell Square, off  Woolston Avenue, on Thursday 29th October from 12-2.00pm.  People can come along to get energy saving tips and advice on switching supplier, dealing with complaints etc., there’ll also be lots of freebies give-aways.  So if like me you don’t like wasting money it’s a ‘must’


Bob Bear signing out till next week….