Latest meet of Congleton Sustainability group met recently, download the full minutes HERE. Highlights included:

Congleton Green Space Trust.

 Allotments. PA reported he had been viewing potential allotment sites around the Hillfield Steps are. He has been approached by a land owner and offered use of a piece of land for use as allotments, he is currently reviewing the Deeds to see if any potential issues would effect this development.

He has noted another potential site and asked MS to organise a land search of possible sites around that area.

MA to check out ownership of a strip of land off Swan Street.

Dane Valley Community Energy

Following receipt of the grant (£16380) Derwent have started the study work. A report should be finished late Feb / early March which will set out proposals on how the Weir can be exploited and the financial viability of the scheme.

N.H Plan Transport / Sustainability & Environment Groups

PM reported that the questionnaire is now out, the link is :-

PM is working on a travel survey results of which will hopefully be added to the N.H Plan. This will require a further questionnaire / survey work with the general public in the near future.

PA made a plea for all members to fill in the survey and encourage others to do the same.