Youth Forum latest meeting took place recently, download the full minutes from the meeting HERE.


Highlights included:

Mental Health / Substance Misuse.


The meeting split up into 2 groups to discuss the subject above by looking at:-

What were the issues.

What offers do we believe are out there /current solutions.

What are the gaps in offers that need to be filled.

What collectively can we the Youth Forum do to address some of those gaps.


Grp 1. Difficult subject (Mental Health) to assess. Wide ranging for suicidal tendencies to just having a bad day.

No survey being carried out at CHS, just action what is raised at school

Outside speakers have been used in sessions/ assemblies.

Student leaders could do a session on MH (Mental Health)

Matt knows of someone who’s brother suffers from MH issues has made a video that may be worth viewing.

1st step if someone has a problem is to talk to his or her tutor, it can be referred on from there.

Some students try to hide issues from parents, need someone else they can talk to. Some Macclesfield schools have appointed councillors that come in a couple of days a week to address this. Not happening in Congleton.

Need to look at this issue with year 5 & 6 primary schools, stop it developing.

Visyon did run a MH workshop at CHS a few years ago, it was well received.

Workshop need to be interactive to improve participation and interest.

Need to ask other “Youth Organisations” ATC/Scouts/Guides St John’s for their views.


Action G.Williams to pull together the ideas from both groups and then discuss with G.Hayes what CEBC is going to do around the issue.



Congleton Carnival – Sat 16th July.

Funding support available for Youth Based Groups form will be sent out with instructions

MH and GW looking at developing a “Youth Zone”

Next meeting:

Tues 26th April – Congleton High School