Cenotaph Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Funding requests sent to:-

Tesco Bags of Help ( NO feedback as yet)

Emailed / written to British Legion (chair) and Eaton Masonic Lodge ( no communications received as yet)

Still to progress “Crowd Funding”, developers and local businesses.

An article appeared in the May issue of East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Magazine. We will now follow up with a request to members for support of the project, financial / in kind.

Grahams Construction ( Link Road developer) has offered some support in kind (site clearance / landscaping). Mark Pickford drawing up list of activities for them.

Plan for regular articles in the Chronicle. This has been agreed with James Jackson. The fortnightly article, must be with James by Friday the previous week. Shelia has already written 3 articles.

Currently, we have £142,372 in the budget.

Stone Plaques.  Initial payment gone off to Albion Stone, first panel to be delivered to Stones of Weymouth between 3rd and 10th June.


Main Contract Tendering  

4 tenders were received.

One was late so not considered

One was completely out of budget

One gave us concern re low tender and financial issues

This left only one to consider.


Based on this it was proposed to go back to all companies on  a short tender process. taking out the following works


–        Provision of water to the site

–        Reduction of the small connecting wall

–        Take out the Marshalls stone costs

Bids to be returned by 8th  July (noon)

And that D.McGifford be present when the bids were opened.


Selection meeting will then take place to agree on the preferred contractor.

This will be at the Friday 12th July meeting 11.00am.


Next Meetings Friday 12th July  11.00am, Spencer Suite (selection day)