Cenotaph meeting took place recently, highlights include:

It was felt that the old plaques should be available for the public to see and not be hidden away in storage. A suggestion was made for the plaques to be displayed in the Town Hall foyer.

D.McGifford to raise this with the Town Hall Committee for support next meeting is 22nd April

If support is given then John Carter will discuss listed building considerations with Cath Bailey ( Cheshire East) David  McGifford to provide John Carter with a photo of the suggested location.JKC to contact I Doughty resize of the plaques.


Dedication Event. 19.9.21

MS has issued a document showing who has been contacted re dates in their diaries.

Cannot progress much further without information from the RAF display team as their attendance would set up a timeline.

Now that we have a roadmap out of Covid we should look to put some structure around the event. It was proposed that the Town Hall events team (inc MS), D.McGifford and G.Dolman form a subgroup to develop the project. Team to meet at lunchtimes 12 noon, M/T/W date to be confirmed.

Perhaps look at two scenarios of full or part parade.

The structure may be :-

  • Parade/ Flypast
  • Formal Dedication/Service
  • Speakers
  • Refreshments

Budget. Cllr Douglas and D.McGifford to work on an agreed budget for the event.

Tuesday 20th April.21 Zoom 10.00am