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The vast majority of global energy use is still carbon-based, this needs to change fast! 

Congleton Hydro Non-For-Profit Society is taking advantage of the last Feed-In Tariff from the UK government that will be available for hydro projects, it may be one of the last hydro schemes of this type to happen in the UK for some time.  Congleton Hydro will produce clean, green energy enough to power the equivalent of  60 homes. The 65kW turbine on the River Dane, will provide power to a nearby factory operated by a long-established international company under a long term agreement. Rarely does a project get to ‘tick so many boxes’ for the local community and the environment! We invite you to be part of it! 

The Congleton Hydro scheme has all its necessary permits and will be built and commissioned in 2020, we just need you! We need to raise £730,000 by the end of March!

It is real and it is already happening. Human-caused climate change has already been proven to increase the risk of floods and extreme rainfall, heatwaves and wildfires with implications for humans, animals and the environment.

“We have to deal with the climate emergency. Not just for the planet. But for us. The planet will still be here in 10,000 years but we may not..”

Congleton’s new hydro-electric scheme is being built on the River Dane at a site with a long history of using waterpower for productive purposes. The Havannah weir is grade-2 listed structure and has been in use since the early 1750’s. Largely abandoned since the 1960’s the Congleton Hydro scheme will see the power of the Dane once again employed to serve the residents of the town. As one of the first community-based generation schemes in the Cheshire East region, the project will provide an ideal vehicle for involvement by local companies and institutions which care about their environmental credentials.


Congleton Hydro scheme enables a real reduction in Congleton/Cheshire Easts’ contribution to CO2 emissions. The project has a projected operating surplus of around £5,000 per year which will be used to fund local community projects and in partnership with local schools, will provide a suitable educational programme for local children. Rarely does a project get to ‘tick so many boxes’ for the local community!

Community Hydro Scheme At Havannah

The design for the 75kW hydroelectric scheme is complete and fully costed. All planning and other consents are in place.


Here’s your chance to invest

The relief of future climate change. Annual contributions to fund local community projects. An educational resource to increase environmental and sustainability awareness!

A Unique Opportunity for you to…..

Generate a planned 4% return* on your investment.  Invest as little as £100 and up to £70,000.  Have capital returned over 25 years or sooner!


For a share offer document including….

Full details of the project, its benefits and potential risks and how to apply for shares download the share offer document.

“Congleton Town Council has fully supported this renewable energy project since its inception and is delighted to see it now coming to fruition, it gives the community its first opportunity to invest in a local energy project created by volunteers”

David Mc Gifford—Chief Officer of Congleton Town Council


Minimum Amount 


Max Amount

All Investments Welcome.

The share offering is being organised by Share En-ergy, which is the leading social enterprise in the UK for establishing community owned renewable energy schemes. The Share Offer will close when fully subscribed or on 31st March 2020.

By Supporting This Project You Would..

  • Enable carbon-free generation of 275kWh of electricity per year*
  • Provide between £100,000 and £300,000 for local community projects / organisations
  • Increase awareness of environmental issues by provision of an accessible educational re-source for local schools and colleges
  • Help to maintain Congleton’s industrial heritage

“As the Town Mayor of Congleton I am delighted to see this long-awaited project starting to become a reality. Not only will it redirect renewable energy back into the community, but it will be an educational tool for future generations to see how we can harness what is already available to us and transform it into clean energy.” 

Sally-Ann Holland—Congleton Town Mayor

Are You Ready To Produce Clean, Green Energy With Us?

The hydro installation will consist of a 2.5m diameter, 8m long Archimedes screw driving a 75kW electrical generator. The power will be exported via a 1000m cable to the local Siemens factory, who have agreed to pay a commercial rate for the power (a much better deal than selling it to the grid).

We Can’t Do It Without You! 


What You Get

Dane Valley Community Energy Ltd is a not for profit mutual society formed and driven forward by a group of professional, knowledgeable and environmentally conscious volunteers.

4% Return*

Invest from £200 to £70,000

Capital Returned

Capital Returned over 20 Years


You will be helping to fund community projects

Investing in the Congleton Hydro scheme is principally a social investment but will also provide a fair financial return.

The level of interest will be set by the Directors of DVCE annually at the Society’s AGM.

An annual payment will be made to shareholders based on a staged return of capital and interest payment to ensure that 4% IRR is achieved over the 20 year period. For a £1,000 investment, a total sum of £1,477 will be repaid over the twenty-year period (subject to financial performance). Because our primary objective is to benefit our local communities this rate of return is not directly linked to the profits of DVCE.

Members of Community Benefit Societies do not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). It is therefore important to note that you risk losing some or all of the money you invest if the Society ceases to trade.

If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you are recommended to seek expert financial advice.



How It Works

Energy from the weir is related to height and flow.


  • Water taken in via a pipe from above the weir flows through an Archimedes Screw and causes it to rotate. The screw is coupled with an electric generator and control system.
  • Output from the 75kW electrical generator is transmitted at 400V to the user via a dedicated cable.
  • Having passed through the screw, the water is returned to the river.
  • The screw is fish-friendly and there is zero water loss.
  • Sophisticated electronics enable maximum output over a wide range of river flow rates


Clean. Renewable. Energy.

The reality is that we can all do something real and constructive to make a difference to climate change, by working together we can also benefit the local community at the same time. Supporting your local hydro scheme is a great way to do your bit for the environment! 

Download Share Offer Document

DVCE is registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 7142). This legal structure is regulated by the FCA and governed by rules, which can be viewed at

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No investment decision should be made without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting a financial professional.