The Chair Steve Foster opened the 9th Partnership Annual General Meeting by welcoming everyone to the event and invited them all to stay to the Executive Meeting that followed on from this meeting if they so wished. Download the full minutes HERE.

Overview 2014/15.

Steve gave a brief overview of projects that had taken place / were still active across all of the subgroups. This was not an exhaustive list but a sample/range of the activities The Partnership is involved in.

Neighbourhood Plan

Get Involved Directory

New Website

Food & Drink Bike Park

Back to Back Gardens

Art Workshops

Festivals Open Space / Hidden Places etc

Apple Juice / Cider (990 / 500)

Established Senior Forum

Eco Schools (14 green flags)

Hydro Scheme (Havannah)

SLIC courses

Cenotaph Restoration

Uth Festival

Cycleway Signage

Xmas lights ( Lawton St Lights / Penguins)

Congleton Learning Centre

Commenting Team / Planning / Developers

MMW Memorial Project


Steve closed the AGM by reminding everyone that bringing in new volunteers remains a key challenge.

He talked about the new Partnership dedicated website and the need for all subgroups to play their part in updating information on a regular basis to help improve public awareness of The Partnership.

Succession planning was highlighted, in particularly in Steve’s case as he felt that whilst he would still be involved with The Partnership in some form another, he had served his time as Chair (4 years) and would be working on recruiting a new Chair for 2016/17.

Steve remarked on the importance of continuing to deliver projects and support of community activities that benefit Congleton. He then outlined some of the new projects planned for 2015/16. These included:-


Heritage/Bear/Cycle Trails

Town Centre Destination Maps / Carparks

Community Orchard –Pathway / Accessibility

Moody Street Greenspace

Mountbatten Way – Green Boulevard

Hydro Scheme – CSG