Congleton Partnership held an executive meeting on the 29th of June 2022 to discuss the proposed changes to the partnership structure.

A copy of the meeting minutes can be viewed HERE.

A PDF version of the draft proposals are can be viewed HERE.

Highlights include:

Partnership Structure

Partnership Community – open meeting, every 6 months bringing together different groups from the town for information share and collaboration.

Partnership Project Review Forum – Project reports/working groups etc.

Partnership Committee – Oversees the Partnership direction

6 categories were suggested which current groups and new groups would sit under. A representative from each of the categories would represent the groups on the Partnership Committee.

Lots of discussion around where certain groups would sit, this needs to be discussed further, how do you get one representative from such a diverse range of groups in each category? Have we over-complicated the process?

Town Council Representation

Under the proposed plan only one representation is included, currently, there are two elected councillors who are on the current exec with voting rights. The partnership does receive funds from the Town Council, as its public money it needs to be represented correctly.

A council decision would need to be made to change that allocation.

Glen – Is it within the gift of the partnership to request representation from the council or is it a requirement from the town council to have two elected representatives?

This needs to be addressed/unpicked – what we don’t want is the partnership meetings to become like council meetings, the purpose of the partnership is to deliver projects that improve the town.


Feedback to be discussed at the oversight meeting. Next meeting TBC