Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

E-learning course

The E-learning course is almost ready; just a few final adjustments, corrections and additions. The plan is to then to ask a few carefully selected people to complete the course and provide feedback before we release it to the general public. The course will need to be updated fairly regularly due to nature of the material we are discussing as the situation and technology are constantly changing.ย  Meeting to be arranged for Thursday 3rd June, J.Mac to send out the project link.

Town Hall energy audit

At the beginning of March our Town Hall energy certificate was reassessed. The Town Hall now has an operational grade rating of C which is valid until 28th June 2022. The old certificate only gave the TH a rating of D which is apparently a typical rating for a public building. (ie a score of 100 compared with our score of 68) We are aware there are still many changes we need to make to improve the energy rating of the TH but as these improvements involving considerable investment there is now a 5 year plan incorporating this work with the maintenance programme. Currently no grant seems to be available for this type of work but the situation may change. The certificate came with a report making various recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the TH, some of which we had already considered; and others will be incorporated into our programme.

Green Fayre

A date has now been set for a Green Fayre which will be held in the Town Hall. This will be 29th and 30th October; all day on the Friday and then the Saturday morning. (The TH was already booked for Saturday pm.) Some exhibitors have already booked places and more are welcome. It is hoped to have some activities outside on a closed High Street and this will be the subject of greater discussion tonight.

Hydro Scheme

Progressing well, Civils have now finished, the screw is in place ready for commissioning within the next 6 week. Cabling now laid to Siemens and the boardwalk is now completed. The interpretation boards will be sited along with some tree and flower planting by the In Bloom Team to enhance the area/ visitor experience.

Apple Juice/OSM.

The OSM cafรฉ is now open with new staff, redecorated and is slowly building on turnover. Now providing 80+ meals on a Friday for the weekly delivery scheme. Apple juice is selling extremely well and will be sold out before this years harvest/production.

Meeting ended 7.20 pm

Next Meeting:- Monday 5th July, 10 am via Zoom.