Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, you can download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Virtual CSG / making more noise.

MS circulated P Aston’s paper on suggested slides /speakers and an example of a youtube presentation. It was felt that this may be the route to go.

Possible need a camera person to shoot the films.  Kay suggested we get a young person from one of the schools to take this as a project.

Those on the list to discuss with Peter the content of their section. Look to complete in 4 to 6 weeks.

PA looking to put a comms team together, OW,PP,AB &PA initially.

Air Quality Monitoring.

Cheshire east consultation paper now out. This will be on CTC’s Green Working Group agenda at the next meeting.

CSG members feedback would be welcome.

East Cheshire Climate Alliance.

Helen reported that the group now has links with Crewe and Nantwich, had a good meeting last night. Good sessions on RetroFitting Houses, Herbicides, Green Infrastructure ect. Barry Speed to let MS have the link to circulate to members.  Days of action being planned, March 12th Parliament debating a major environment paper.  Send ideas for action into CSG for debate at the next meeting.

A wide range of towns will be involved across Cheshire East holding events in turn.

Possible discussion with F.Bruce MP. Need to get a presentation together (PS/BS)

Meeting ended 7.35pm

Next Meeting :- Mon 1st March at 10.00am  via Zoom.