Congleton Sustainability Group met recently, download full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Congleton Co-operative  –  S.Halliday


Stuart reported that the Co-operative were still looking for premises. Cuttleford Farm could not currently offer what we required so the search goes on for alternatives. Suggestions for sites to be pursued were raised at the meeting, they included units in Mill St, West St and land at the back of Back park St Carpark. Any ideas pass them onto Stuart.


Difficult to put a financial report together to make a meaningful business plan.


Started to apply for funding (C4C), CSG may look to put an amount into the pot.


Project plan being put together around Apple Juice production.


Apple Juice / Cider Festival. Nor practical in its present format at Astbury Mere, PP to approach St Mary’s as an alternative. May be able to link in with their desire to put on an event around their orchard and apple juice project.


Congleton Green Space Trust.

PA is discussing a couple of plots around Hillfield Steps area with the owner/ solocitor in regards to creating some ½ size allotments.  A.Martin following up with residents regarding the 3rd plot on the site. If all land was available we could have between 6 to 12 allotment plots.


Green Space Trust looking at both allotment and orchard options.

Next Meeting:-

Monday 7th March, Plus Dane Boardroom.