Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Air Quality – Nick Kelly ( CEBC)
Nick Kelly (Cheshire East – Environmental Health Officer) gave an overview of his departments role and the legislation to support all things environmental in terms of Air Quality and Emissions.
Current “TUBE” measuring records monthly levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, they cannot currently measure pollutants.
There are currently 3 major air quality issues around Congleton, West Rd, Lower Heath and Rood Hill.
He explained that CEBC were supporting the drive to more EV by recommending EV points in all new builds. Defra will support current homes with a grant of around £500 to retro fit these points.
Nick commented that the public charging points are moving from their current site in Princes St to West St car park.
If the group has any ideas to improve the situation please pass them onto Nick. Email
Nick to send a copy of his presentation to GW / MS, members can call it of if they so wish.
Apparently the £25 approx is still available to improve air quality in town, if we have a project that could qualify for this let Nick know. This will need signing off by Defra is criteria is changed from their original allocation.

Dane Valley Community Energy.

The hydro scheme was approved by CEBC Northern Planning Board, thanks to S.Foster and P.Guymer for their support on the day.
Application has been made to Ofgem and FITS secured.
Project work plan meeting being held this week to move things forward. Prospectus being put together to measure public support and raise the funding required to deliver the project.
The aim is for completion of 2020. PA send out a copy of the Hydro Newsletter.

The Old Saw Mill.
A couple of issues discussed were around Cider Vinegar regarding the size of bottle and labelling. It was felt that £5 for a 500ml bottle was a little expensive to tempt first time buyers. Also discussed the idea of people using their own bottles and future labelling to relay the opportunity to the public.
A full programme of activity sent out in the latest newsletter.


Next Meeting:- Tuesday 7th May, The Old Saw Mill, 5pm