The latest meeting of Congleton Sustainability Group took place recently 01.06.2015, download the full minutes here.

One area of discussion was public transport:

Congleton Buses Role in Sustainable Transport Plan- J.Mills & C.Kiffin

Peter open the discussion by commenting on the current bus service operating in and around Congleton and the lack of services between the Railway Station and the current Employment Sites, Radnor Park and Barn Road.

JM explained that bus services were delivered in basically 2 separate ways:-

(a)  Commercial aspect / pay their own way

(b)  Supported / subsidised services EG.:-

38  Crewe / Macclesfield  – Evenings / Sundays

42 Crewe / Middlewich / H.Chapel / Crewe – All the time

315 Rode Heath – All the time

Beartown Bus (Total Operation) – All the time.

PM suggested that a simple travel survey at Congleton Station may be a starting point for gauging potential usage on the station /employment sites link.

The issue of school travel was raised JM to look at what data is currently available although it may be circa 2011 ( School Traffic Survey / Bus and Railway travel figs)


JM suggested that it may be worth PM having a discussion with Tom Evans (CEBC) regarding how other towns are tackling the sustainable travel element.

PM sees a sustainable travel survey being part of the next Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Questionnaire.


Next meeting Monday 6th July, Plus Dane Boardroom, 10.00am.