Congleton Sustainability Group Meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights includes:

Spotlight Trees for Congleton


Approx. 15,000 plants/trees were planted, an amazing achievement thanks to a large group of volunteers and lots of hard work, fantastic effort!


The volunteer what’s app group is working very well.









Approx no. of plants


Replacement planting and maintenance of existing planting

Carried out at a number of previously planted sites in Autumn 2021, including Newcastle Road, Windsor Place, Padgbury Lane, Marshall Grove, Quinta Park, Bowness Court, Derwent Drive, Hillfields Close and Lower Heath Play Area.  Where space allowed, additional plants were put in e.g. at Newcastle Road (20), Derwent Drive (10+) and Windsor Place (10+).


7 hedges totalling 1072 plants were funded by Tree Council Hedge Fund grants, at Derwent Drive, Isis Close-Tamar Close, Havannah Lane, Mardale Close, Salford Place, Redfern Avenue and Windsor Place.   Branching Out Fund grants supported 3 hedges at Thirlmere Court, Hankinson’s Field and Burns Road totalling 884 plants.

Further hedge planting (total length 106m) funded through Congleton Partnership/Congleton Town Council was carried out at Back Lane, West Heath. 537 plants

Tree and shrub planting

The largest number (642) was at St John’s playing fields, Buglawton, facilitated by Cheshire Wildlife Trust and funded by Mersey Forest. Around 360+, largely funded by Dane Valley Community Energy, were planted at Congleton Hydro, Havannah to restore woodland damaged by construction.  25 trees and shrubs, funded by Congleton Partnership/Congleton Town Council were planted at Mardale Close.  Smaller numbers of individual trees were planted on other sites.

Orchard planting

Fruit trees were planted at Windsor Place (14), Bridgewater Close (10), Mardale Close (5), Salford Place (4), Back Lane (3), Quayside-Goldfinch Close (4), Redfern Avenue (3), Banky Fields (5), St John’s play area (4), Mossley school (5), Ascot Close  (2).

Native black poplar project

These rare but locally native trees have been planted at sites along the Dane Valley, on farms, smallholdings and woodlands, at the Quinta arboretum, at Eaton Bank school, Astbury Mere Country Park, Congleton Hydro, land belonging to Cheshire East Council, and residential open space.

Cherry tree planting – Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Ornamental varieties, native species and edible cherries, funded by Congleton Town Council, have been planted on public open space, schools, War Memorial Hospital,  care homes, and other community locations, with planting ongoing.

Oaks and other trees planted by private landowners

560 trees, comprising 460 oaks and 100 birch trees were handed over to a group carrying out planting at a large site to the south of Bosley reservoir. A mixture of 107 trees and shrubs was handed over for planting at The Hollies, Somerford, a site which had been adversely affected by the construction of the Link Road, and 201 for planting at Mount Pleasant, Key Green to support the biodiversity enhancement that was already in progress.  In each case the cost of the trees was more than covered by donations made by the landowners, and additional sums can be put towards buying more trees for planting in the 2022/23 season.

Trees for climate planting on farms (CWT) 3264
Other planting, tbc, individuals, private landowners etc ?


Trees for Congleton advice to private landowners

Planting advice, and in some cases planting plans, was provided to a range of property owners including local residents, smallholders and farmers.  It is not known yet how much of the planting discussed was carried out.  At Far Whittles Farm, North Rode, and Hall Farm, Swettenham it is likely that larger scale planting would be best carried out with the help of agri-environment or other grants available to farmers.  There is also scope in future for landowners to make use of funds available from developers to carry out off-site biodiversity net gain schemes (this is already happening to some extent e.g. at Hall Farm ponds have been created with Link Road funding, and TFC has provided native black poplars to be added).  At Sandylane Farm, close to Congleton, it is not known whether any suggestions were taken forward.

At Hayfields and Carlton Barns at Key Green, initial planting schemes were discussed with landowners in conjunction with CWT, with CWT then implementing ‘Trees for Climate’ schemes on behalf of the Mersey Forest funding.  The final total of Trees for Climate schemes, which also includes Briery Croft at Eaton, Mill Cottage at Somerford Booths is not yet known.

Sites discussed this season but not planted

Potential planting along Holmes Chapel, Sandbach Road and Macclesfield Road/Manchester Road verges has not yet been carried out due to lack of support from Cheshire East Council.  Planting at Ambleside-Keswick Court, Padgbury Lane, though supported by local residents, was dropped due to land ownership issues. At Quayside/Goldfinch Close residents had opposing views and planting did not go forward. At the former Havannah Mill, there was insufficient time to get consent from the landowner although residents were in favour.

Planting stock for the future

Around 350 oaks were not suitable for planting this season as they were small or in poor condition, and remain in the tree nursery at the Vale Allotments. A selection will be made later on, and the rest disposed of. In the meantime, around 40 young oaks, Norway maples and horse chestnut seedlings were donated to Trees for Congleton and can be planted out in 2022/3.


For the TREE TOTALISER – Actual 2019/20 1364 (5% target);  actual 20/21 5282 (18%); actual 21/22 8004 (27%) =51% target
Remainder 14639 (49% of 30,000 target)