Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently on 2nd Feb. Guests from Cheshire East attended the meeting:

CEBC Environmental Protection Air Quality. (Phil Mason / Rebecca Shorrock)

Phil explained that CEBC had been successful in gaining a funding award of around £21k from DEFRA to be used on a campaign to improve sustainable “ transport” in Congleton. Congleton has an above average of homes with 1 or 2 cars (71% v 66%) and a residents survey indicates that only around 23% are satisfied with cycle facilities in and around the town.  Phil and Rebecca are currently meeting up with local groups to discuss gaps in provision and outline some of their initial ideas and budget allocations. They will revisit groups with more detailed plans in the coming weeks. Currently budgets are set around:-

  • Covered Cycle Racks * (5) include Maps /Cycle Route boards
  • Website / Campaign (Interactive like All change at Crewe)
  • Updating Maps & Signage

Will also consider

  • Schools – Competition / Walking Buses / Encourage more cycling etc
  • Events (Food & Drink / Every Step Counts etc)


For the rest of the news download the minutes HERE.