Congleton Sustainability Group met recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

The Old Saw Mill 
Apple Juice and Cider
OSM have just received 250kg of cider apples from local farmer!
Christmas had been a great success, café had a strong start to 2019.
AGM to be held 18th Jan, all members welcome.


Dane Valley Community Energy.
Planning application in 18/5811M (new application number)
Lots of supportive comments on planning portal, mtg with Eaton Parish Council 9.01.18, Planning application to go to Planning Committee mtg on 15th March, agreed with planning officer that decision notice will be issued 48 hours later, this should allow OFGEM FiTs process time, fingers crossed!


Next Meeting:- Mon 4th February 2019, Astbury Mere Visitors Centre, 10 am.