Congleton Sustainability group met recently, you can view the meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Spotlight on Plastic Free Congleton

Heather gave a short overview of the Plastic Free Congleton sub-group. The group have completed 93% of the scheme, so not far to go until Congleton becomes a ‘Plastic Free Community’! The group are actively looking for more ‘community allies’ to sign up to the scheme, these can be community groups, or community spaces eg, Church Hall’s, sports clubs, scout huts etc.

To become a community ally the appropriate person needs to sign the pledge (attached) – but the 3 parts of the pledge can be flexible, so if a group doesn’t use single-use plastic for example, they can still sign up! The pledge has 3 parts, removing/replacing 3 pieces of single-use plastic (if used), communicating the plastic-free message, and supporting Plastic Free initiatives in the town.

Around 10 more community allies are required to sign up. If any member of CSG is a member of a community group who could help us, please do let Heather know.



Barry asked should the group become more political and lobby on certain issues. The East Cheshire Climate alliance is the link to the local authority of which Jackie Kay, Barry & Olga attend. It was agreed CSG should regularly write to Fiona Bruce as our MP to raise the CSG profile. Heather to write regarding Plastic Free.

Electricity/Gas– conserving energy/heating homes. Obviously, a hot topic at the moment with the rise of wholesale electric and gas prices. CSG can take the lead on this in the community. Mark Thompson on Facebook has put out a post with regards to heat imaging on houses, cheaper price if houses can be bound together.

At the next meeting, the Spotlight will be Trees for Congleton.

Send out calendar invites to the meeting.

Next Meeting Tue 5th April 2022, 6:30 pm at the Old Saw Mill