Congleton Sustainability Group met recently, please download the full minutes HERE.

Highlights included:

“Congleton Co-operative” – S.Halliday.


Stewart took us through a presentation entitled “Congleton Co-operative”.

This is a scheme to build on the success Apple Juice /Cider/ Preservatives and increase the usage of abundant produce which would lead to a reduction in food wastage.

He looked at the reason for this project, possible siting (in town)of the Community Bistro/ Juicing Plant, timing (ready Mar 2016), the people organisations he would envisage being involved and type of products that could initially be produced.

There are a number of challenges that need to be overcome, Stewart who would lead the project is going to put together a full blown business plan which will be put before CSG at the next meeting ( 11th January 2016).

Copy of the presentation is held on file.

CSG supported the project in principal but reserve judgement waiting the Business Plan presentation in January.

Olga advised the meeting that Suma Wholefoods may provide a possible link to the Bistro/Shop arm.

Vale Allotments.

As this project had now fallen through PA advised the meeting that any monies received had now been returned to the people who had made donations.

Next Meeting:-

Monday 11th January 2016 at Plus Dane.