Congleton Sustainability meeting took place recently, download the full minute meetings click here.


Highlights include:

Neighbourhood Plan.

DJ meeting with D.McG and A Thompson to finalise document. Will create a PDF out of the document then
MailChimp out to the 650 registered consultees. Banners are being produced to advise the public that we are now at
Regulation 14 and they can have they say by logging on to the web address shown.


Commenting Team.
1. Seddon Development off Canal Road
PM has still to receive a response from Cllr Ainsley Arnold to the letter dated 22nd June raising issues about the low (or nonexistence)
of accommodation for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable within developments as a whole, citing this development
as the example.
(Peter has just received from Cllr Arnold to the letter sent on behalf of CSG regarding the provision of specific accommodation for the
elderly, vulnerable and disabled in developments. Much as expected it is a bland response blaming the lack of a Local Plan on not
providing such accommodation previously and claiming that now the Local Plan is in place everything will change – we will just have to see
what actually happens.)
2. CEBC Supported bus review
PM has submitted comments on behalf of CSG to the CEBC consultation on proposed reductions in supported bus services.
The key issues raised were the need to continue to provide bus services for the elderly and vulnerable and the possibility of
S106 money from developers to keep the bus services fully funded.
3. Congleton Neighbourhood Plan – Transport Group
PM attended the meeting of group chairs signing off the Neighbourhood Plan policies for Regulation 14 consultation. As part of
the evidence base PM has been asked by Andrew Thompson to produce a travel survey report based on the travel surveys
carried out on behalf of CSG to challenge developers’ transport evidence at appeal.
4. Paper on unfulfilled S106 obligations
As requested at the last meeting PM has started to prepare a paper for Cllr Brown and Cllr Williams on unfulfilled S106
obligations in Congleton related to the provision of cycling (principally) and walking routes.


Next Meeting:-
Mon 4th September 2017 The Old Saw Mill ,10.00am