Congleton Sustainability Group Meeting took place recently, you can view the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights inlcude:

Apple Juice


Update from Peter Ranson: 2022 is a bumper year for apples. We are getting large amounts delivered to the OSM. Before the end of September, we will have produced over 2000 bottles of juice and 500+ litres of cider more already than the whole of the 2021 season. We are expecting that the season this year will be much shorter than in previous years when we have continued until late November. With so many apples storage of the full bottles is becoming a real problem because space in the OSM is limited. Hopefully we can find somewhere to take it which is close by.

We will also need additional outlets for the juice if we are to sell it all before the 2023 season starts.

If anyone has any contacts for new vendors for the apple juice/cider or can assist with storage space, please do contact Peter Aston (

Current production levels are around 500 bottles per week, we need storage solutions. A garage would be ideal, can only pack stack the bottle 3 boxes hire. Murray Goerge might be able to help but just awaiting his return from holiday. If anyone can help, please contact Peter Aston.

Discussions will take place once production is complete about using the cargo bike for deliveries. This was popular during covid when outlets were shut. CTC and Partnership can certainly help with promotion to increase sales. Production is expected to finish end of October.

We are still taking apples, please drop them at Astbury Mere Visitor Centre & Old Saw Mill.

Volunteer Events

Trees for Congleton group will be starting up soon and will be appealing for Volunteers. They also need new sites for planting. Contact Patti / Ruth. The tree planting season is getting shorter and shorter, with bad weather (mid-nov to mid-March). There is a meeting on Friday to discuss new sites, Cheshire East maybe able to suggest new sites.

Once sites are identified, landowner permissions are in place, and then the consultation process with local people in the area is started, with 3 weeks to respond. Messages need to go out through social media channels and websites (Partnership / Town Council). Kay suggests keeping all parties informed so we can avoid any objections or adjust plans according before any planting is commenced.


Next meeting:  Tuesday 1st November 6:30pm at The Old Saw Mill.