Congleton Youth Forum meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.


Highlights include:

Mental Health / Substance Misuse.


Last meeting we split into two groups to discuss the following 4 questions around mental health.

1.What were the issues.

2.What offers do we believe are out there /current solutions.

3.What are the gaps in offers that need to be filled.

4.What collectively can we the Youth Forum do to address some of those gaps.



G.Williams pulled together the ideas from both groups and issued them to the forum prior to the meeting (same day)


It was felt that we had to a large degree answered Q1& 2 and that today we should concentrate around Q 3&4.



Kevin highlighted that there was a possibility of a change in legal highs and how they would become illegal, this will not now happen as there are wider connotations with other legal products.


There is a need for comprehensive education on the real effects of these legal highs – make people understand the risks in a graphic, unbiased way. Need to understand there is no real specification in terms of production like prescription drugs and that the strength and make up can vary widely with in the same packet. Something similar to the education on the effects of smoking which everyone now has a clearer view on.


CE felt that there could be value in a “Drugs Awareness Day” across all year groups at both secondary schools (they do this with pornography, bullying, ex-offending etc).


KB stated that he knew of a lady who has be greatly affected familywise by these drugs and that she may be willing to carry out these sessions. Later in the meeting it was agreed that MS contact KB to see the cost of this ladies time and if she would be willing to do a one off session to CHS Leadership Group (17th May) so that they could make a judgement on the value and appropriateness of this talk being delivered to all of the year groups.



Information on the “Lady” is :-

Evolve  their website address is :-

MS has contacted CE re leadership meeting date and requirement.


Mental Health.


A discussion then took place around the issue of mental health. It was felt that the stigma around MH may lead to lack of openness, concealment from parents, reluctance to talk to a teacher that the person would be bumping into on a regular basis etc.


Signs are not always easy to pick up on, then when we do or someone confides in you, how do you handle the situation.


May be a need for a workshop / presentation on “Signs to look for”


It may be that we try and replicate the “Macclesfield” model of a “Visitor” someone who goes into schools 1 or 2 days a week under the guise of “Health and Wellbeing Councillor” and is detracted from the school and its day its day running.

JR Commented that delivery of the solution is critical and questioned what was out there to carry it through once diagnosed.


Schools / Young Persons event :-

MENTAL HEALTH – A Voice for Young People

Sunday May 8 2016 12.45 to 3.30 pm   

Holiday Inn Express

Macon Way, Crewe CW1 6DR


Possible presentation from KOOTH at our next Youth Forum Meeting. Lisa to invite Angela to attend (8th June)



GW to draw up a list of proposals prior to the next meeting with a view of having one or two small presentations.  Glen would welcome support from Youth Forum members on this.




Congleton Carnival – Sat 16th July.


Funding support available for Youth Based Groups form will be sent out with instructions



MH and GW looking at developing a “Youth Zone”


Meeting Dates.


Wednesday 8th June  – Congleton High School (TBC)