Dementia Friendly Congleton group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Dementia Friends  – Business Development.

From the last meeting:-

Chris has a programme of businesses to approach/contact as both follow up to DF sessions and totally new contacts. MS has shared a document with the group indicating which businesses are planned.

Physical Environment Check / Window Sticker award. Need a written down criteria, although the feeling around the group was that a DF session for their staff and some ongoing activity / one improvement could be enough to indicate a commitment to the cause and warrant a sticker. It was felt that we need to get this off the ground to encourage more to come on board. Chris to work with Wild and Wild to this effect.

Chris and Diane to work on getting some presentation done to encourage uptake from other businesses. Need to get some PR behind this to make it really take off. Chris was not at this meeting.

Business Card / Lanyard being progressed (JMac)

Dementia Friends Sessions

TGT now 1000 – To-date 721 achieved

A number of sessions planned for Dementia Action Week including Bare Health, Museum/Firefighters, Library, Heathview, St James Court.


Dementia Action Week

MS to send out the programme to all group members

Good programme of events planned including Dementia Friend Sessions, Gentle walks, Games Session and an information/ PR  stall at The Makers Market.

Some help is required for the games Session at Wild and Wild on Wed22nd from 10am until around 11am please let Diane / Mike know if you can help.

Makers Market Stall, Saturday 25th May from 10am to 4pm.  MS to send out details of the rota, if anyone else wishes to come along support for an odd hour they will be most welcome.


Press and PR.

Diane has sent a big article into The Chronicle for this week, advertising what we are doing through DAW.

Soon need to get something when presenting shop/businesses with their stickers.

SM to keep putting updates out on facebook page.

MH to get information on Chats Back  re Traders Market Stall and our Buddys Scheme.


Next Meeting :- Wednesday 17th July , Congleton Town Hall, 2pm to 4pm.