Dementia Friendly Congleton Group met recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Chatty Café Scheme.

We now have two cafes featuring “ Chatter and Natter “ tables.

Bear Grylls café  ( Fairground carpark) – Table available every day they are open

Stocks at The Pavilion (Congleton Park) – Every Wednesday 11am to 4pm.

Look for the blue signage and start a conversation, you may be the first person someone will have spoken to all week. Both these locations are now featured on the website

We will look to encourage other cafes to join during this year.

Business awards/business development.

 Chris is working hard on developing new businesses to add to those already recognised as working to become Dementia Friendly. She has 5 audits currently being carried out/ TBC, with numerous new contacts she is following up.

The group decided that when a business meets the criteria for displaying a sticker, the sticker should be awarded immediately, with recognition being posted in our Chronicle column to mark their achievement.

A photo at the time of awarding would be most useful and more likely to get support in The Chronicle as against just a written report.

Tesco Sunflower Scheme.

Both Congleton branches of Tesco are involved in the Sunflower Scheme. Anyone with a hidden disability and requiring support can pick up a Sunflower lanyard at reception/ checkout and by wearing the lanyard make staff aware that some support may be required. Lanyard are for the person to keep and can be used in any Tesco store.

MS circulated some examples at the meeting.

It was reported that other businesses were starting to adopt this idea, Manchester Airport and  M& S were mentioned.

Next Meetings:- Tuesday 17th March and Tuesday 19th May. 2020 – 2pm to 4pm.