Dementia Friendly Congleton Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights inlclude:

PCSO Project – Working Group Update.

The press release went out in The Chronicle, plus a social media report around the project from both Cheshire Police and Ourselves (Debbie).

The Lions have already received a request for a gift pack.

All 3 surgeries have been approached:-

Lawton House have 144 potential clients. They will letter drop all of these clients sending out details of the scheme and Diane’s contact details for gift pack deliveries. They do not want any stock at the surgery.

Meadowside –  have 33 potential clients, will send out a letter, and a PC friend of Katie’s will handle the requests.

Readesmoor – Diane to contact Lisa after Easter

Care Homes – PCSO looking after the care homes.

Delivery – PCSO and The Lions mainly in and around Congleton.

Packing – Diane to approach Jo Money about using space at The Electric Picture House, Spindle Mill, Congleton.

Bear Necessities – looking to get a report into BN just after Easter.

AgeUK has sent us 150 of their activity packs.

Next working group meeting 13th April may have numbers and then can work out pack value/ budgets.

Clare to send MS a copy of the Sporting Pink Paper for consideration, MS circulate the group for feedback

Twiddle Boards – Clare’s husband’s design has been taken on by Eaton Bank Academy and a further 2 produced at no cost. CHS also looking to produce some boards. David Morris is still awaiting a reply from North Road Timber re chipboard, the PCSO’s are running a collection bucket/scheme for items to go on the boards. Anyone can drop items into the bucket at the Police Station. Sarah Jacklin suggested that some of the family members may like to get involved in supplying odds and ends for the boards.

Knitting Yarn – Diane to pick up spare yarn from Sue Munro.

All funding has now been received.

Tuesday 18th May , 1.30pm, Via Zoom.