The Dementia Friendly Congleton group have secured funding of £1,000 from:-

  • The Town Trust
  • Congleton Lions
  • Dane Housing and
  • Rotary

This has been match-funded by Cheshire Police Service as a result of a grant application from Cheshire East PCSOs. The total funds of £2,000 will be used to benefit people living with dementia in Congleton.

Packs of games and activities will mainly be purchased from the Alzheimers’ Society shop, to ensure suitability. Any profits from the sale of these items go towards research into this disease. The items will be:

  • distributed to people living with dementia (either alone or with a live-in carer)
  • used to augment our regular face to face activities
  • used to set up a lending/exchange facility in the Town Centre (venue to be arranged)
  • used to enrich activities in care homes


These games and activities are designed to stimulate memory eg by the use of coloured scrapbooks, covering a decade in the past; memory cards also storybooks with a scent that evokes previous happy times.  There are also songbooks with a CD of favourite melodies. Activities include jigsaw puzzles and aquapaint packs where a picture is created using water instead of colour paints.


Dementia group PCSO Project


Diane Ritherdon, chair of the Dementia Friendly Congleton group said “We are asking readers of the Chronicle to help us identify recipients”. To ensure compliance with Data Protection rules (GDPR) when nominating someone to receive a gift, if you are not the person living with dementia – or their carer- or next of kin-  you need to have their permission to disclose their details. Nominations should be sent to Diane Ritherdon, by email or call/text to 07770 724932.