Dementia Friendly Congleton meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Swap Shop Project

The Swap Shop project has been working well from Congleton Library and introduced at the Forget Me Not Club, which generated interest.

Diane thanked the Knitt & Natter club from the Old Saw Mill for the supply of twiddle muffs, if anyone knows of a good home for some please let Diane know.

People are swopping and returning items, the most popular are the magnetic boards (toolbox/baking cupboard/sewing box)


Gentle Activities Leaflet

The current winter edition of the gentle activities leaflet needs to be updated; a number of events have not been restarted since covid. Of particular concern was ‘Men in Sheds’.

Age UK originally ran the project is there a conversation to be had with them, can we not find a different way to deliver the project? Glen volunteered to enquire with Age UK, let’s try and understand the challenges/health & safety in delivering a similar service – Are there any plans to restart?

Contact Sharon to discuss the potential for obtaining funding? People couldn’t book on Men in Sheds due to restrictions on numbers allowed to attend, the aim was to reach 35-50 men in the community. Reducing social isolation is proven to delay the onset of dementia as well as the groups themselves being dementia-friendly.

Put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Diane to arrange a meeting with Debbie to update the leaflet.