Are you ready to be a part of a bright, sustainable future for Congleton, Cheshire, and North Staffordshire? Congleton Community Solar is here to offer you the chance to invest in a community-owned solar power project that’s making a real impact.


Building on the success of the Congleton Hydro Community Scheme, the same team is back with another exciting project: Congleton Community Solar! We’re thrilled to invite you on an investment journey into renewable energy that benefits our local schools, businesses, and the environment.

Powering Your Community:

Dane Valley Community Energy – Congleton Park (DVCE-CP), a community benefit society, is taking the next step after the triumph of the Congleton Hydro project. This time, we’re harnessing the power of the sun to light up our schools and businesses. As a community-owned project, DVCE-CP is all about giving back. Our dedicated team of volunteers will ensure that any surplus generated goes right back into our community.

Invest in Your Community:

To make this project a reality, we’ve introduced a share offer that lets individuals and organizations invest in our venture. Shares range from £100 to £50,000, and our goal is to raise £530,000 to complete construction and start operations. As an investor, you’ll earn an annual interest of 5%, and your investment will be repaid over 15 years. Act fast because the share offer closes on October 31st.

Community and Environment:

We believe in the power of community ownership and renewable energy to create a lasting impact. Just ask Fiona Bruce MP, who supports our innovative project!

“I’m delighted to encourage us all to support and participate in this renewable energy scheme and well done to all those involved in working hard to make this innovative project happen”- Fiona Bruce MP

Congleton Solar has met the rigorous Community Shares Standard Mark assessment, achieving a national standard of good practice.

Building on Success:

DVCE-CP is born from the same brilliant minds behind the Havannah Weir Hydro-electric plant (Congleton Hydro), which generated an impressive 330 MWh of green electricity in just 20 months. We fulfilled promises to shareholders and contributed £9,000 to local charities and environmental projects.

A Sustainable Vision:

While our second Hydro-electric project faced land acquisition challenges, our solar project is moving ahead smoothly. We need your support to raise funds for solar panel installations. By investing, you’ll become a part of a portfolio comprising 10 rooftop solar sites, generating over 371 MWh of electrical energy annually, equivalent to powering approximately 120 households.

Supporting Our Schools and Businesses:

Our main customer, the Creative Learning Partnership Multi Academy Trust (CLPT), oversees special, first, primary, and middle schools with a total of 2,200 pupils. Havannah Primary School in Congleton and Astbury Golf Club on the outskirts of Congleton are also part of our initiative. Our customers will benefit by:

  • A significant reduction in their carbon footprint (approximately 60%)
  • Substantial savings on electricity bills (25% discount on solar power used)
  • An invaluable education resource for teaching the benefits of green energy
  • Capital and ongoing funding from DVCE-CP with no additional burden on the customer’s budget.

A Cleaner Future:

By investing in Congleton Community solar, you’ll help save an estimated 71 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been released by traditional power stations. Additionally, a portion of the income generated will support other community energy projects and enhance the local environment, resulting in even more carbon savings.

We must act now the climate change emergency is happening, it can feel like an insurmountable problem. Congleton Hydro and Solar is proof that a small team of committed volunteers can make a difference.

We will use the project as and educational tool for the next generation. We hope to encourage green champions, it’s only through awareness that we can create lasting change.


Join the Movement:

Are you ready to be a driving force behind this transformative movement towards sustainable energy? Join DVCE-CP now and play a vital role in shaping a greener future for our community. To learn more and download the full share offer, visit

Together, we can make a difference!