Havannah Weir Hydro

Generating energy from the River Dane

Community Engagement Evening
Tuesday 28th March, 6.30pm at Eaton Bank Academy

Congleton Sustainability Group invites you to ‘The Dane Valley Community Energy Hydro Generation Scheme’ Engagement Evening at Eaton Bank Academy on 28th March at 6.30pm. The evening will provide you with the opportunity to discover more about the environmental benefits of hydro power, find out about community share ownership and volunteer to support the project.

  • The Havannah Weir Hydro will generate up to 250,000 kWh of green energy for local residents and businesses each year
  • Congleton school children will be able to use the weir to learn about hydro-power and renewable energy generation.
  • The community will be invited to own a share in the scheme which plans to give a rate of return of 4% p.a. Full information will be available in the share prospectus to be issued in due course.
  • The project will generate a forecasted £5000 per year, to be invested in raising community awareness in renewable energy and promoting energy saving activities.
  • The weir will be funded primarily by a community share offer with supporting grants and loans.
  • For more information about the project, the Community Engagement Evening, or to complete an expression of interest form, please visit www.eatonbankacademy.org