Hertford Close

Planting dates and times: COMPLETED 


Description:  Hedge planting and a small orchard in the green space to the south of Hertford Close, Lower Heath.

This green space is owned by Cheshire East Council and managed by Congleton Town Council. Both support tree and hedge planting to help reduce the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Hedge planting will be well mulched to keep down weeds until the planting is established. Volunteers would initially help with the aftercare of the hedge but in the long term, it would be maintained by the Town Council’s Streetscape team.

Consultation results

‘I like it’ (supportive):  5

‘I don’t like it’ (against):  0

‘I like it, but…’ (asking for some changes):  1

There was some concern that reduced mowing under fruit trees would mean the path might become overgrown. Reduced mowing was indicated but is not part of the planting scheme.  The site will continue to be maintained by Streetscape, including keeping the path clear as at present.

Planting plan

As there was support for the proposals, the planting will be carried out as shown below. The Tree Council has agreed 100% funding for the work under its Branching Out Fund.

Hertford Close Final planting plans

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