Cenotaph group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Old Plaques.
JKC has sent all relevant details to Catherine Bailey the conservation officer at CEBC ( 5.5.21) and is waiting for a reply. JKC to chase up. We need to know the situation/ permission as it affects what is written on the interpretation board.

New Plaques
Following a presentation to Councillors at the end of April agreement was reached on some additional names being added and small repairs and corrections being undertaken at a cost of around £6K .

RD and JS to issue a word document detailing the work to be carried out. JKC will then get a quote from the stonemason, the work to be carried out in July when conditions should be more favourable. A small number of closure barriers will be needed at that time.

Registering the Cenotaph.
Cllr J Smith to take on the task of registering the Cenotaph with various organisations and museums, currently the site has not been registered anywhere as far as we know.


Next meeting:

Tuesday 15th June, Bridestones Suite, Town Hall at 10.00am.