Cenotaph Project


Aim: To renovate and realign Congleton’s cenotaph and to connect the Cenotaph and Memorial Garden with the adjoining Community Gardens to create an improved community space and access for all.

Congleton Cenotaph Renovation

Please download the meeting minutes to view all the latest developments.

Congleton Cenotaph Renovation

Aim:- The current cenotaph and site is looking tied and showing signs of wear and is somewhat restrictive for people with some form of disability. Research has shown that close on 250 names are missing from the memorial and this cannot be allowed to carry on, they all deserve our gratitude and respect. This will be put right by erecting a new memorial on the site, keeping the cross and opening the site up accessibility wise.

We are delighted to announce that we have a start date for construction work to begin the renovation. We would like to thanks all parties who have worked so hard to get this project to this point! 

Week commencing  8th June for the beginning of construction on-site and a completion date of w/c 21st September.

The work is being done by Midland Masonry, specialist in this kind of work.

Our project manager is John K.Carter and Quantity Surveyor is Mark Spendor.


Congleton cenotaph

Design tweaked to make the overall cost more attainable, without losing any of the main elements. Costings being presented to Congleton Town Council (asset holder) Nov 2018 for consideration/support. Once received funding drive will begin.



Construction photos of the stone Plinth’s ready to be placed in situ at Congleton Cenotaph.

Design tweaked to make the overall cost more attainable, without losing any of the


main elements. The overall balance of the project £150K, Town Council to underwrite by £90 with the proviso that we reduce that as much as possible.


Build started w/c 8thJune with a completion date of w/c 5thOct. Currently, we are on schedule.


The dedication event is likely to be held Spring 2021, COVID restrictions allowing.


Really starting to get an idea of the size and impact this new Cenotaph will have.

The Plaques should go on in the next few days, and the Saxon Cross will be reinstated.

 It will be impressive! Click on the images below to enlarge!


Dedication Event

Cenotaph Dedication event Congleton

The newly renovated Congleton Cenotaph site was opened with a parade and service on Sunday 19th September 2021.