River Dane Walkway/Cycleway 

Aim: To complete the River Dane walkway /cycleway (this is the last piece) from Dane Street through to Riverdane Road (Eaton Bank Industrial Estate)

Congleton ropewalk

Partners: The Congleton Partnership

Situation Update.

Partners:- The Congleton Partnership

Situation to-date. No S106 to come from proposed Dane Mill development and not currently on Cheshire East works list. P.Bates to contact McCarthey Stone to see if they would be willing to provide some funding support. Est cost £43K, no completion target set.


As reported before funding for the scheme (£43k) proving difficult.

I have written to Steph Cordon re some support from CEBC’s  “Surplus £900k Fund” she is away until 28th July, hopefully will present the idea to Cllr Jones on return. I have kept Cllr Topping in the loop.

CEBC replied indicating that our request was a little too large, we may have to put around £14k in the pot to make it happen.

CEBC have confirmed a contribution of £25k towards the project, and a joint meeting between CEBC (Public Rights of Way &  Highways) and The Partnership is being arranged.

Site visit planned early Jan 2015. CEBC Highways will manage the project with support from the Public Rights of Way team and The Partnership.

Site visit has taken place. MH (Highways) costing/scoping out project to improve steps, railings, tree canopy and access.

GB (Public Rights of Way) contacting Heritage / Land Registry re implications of the project.

Dangerous railing issues to be tackled immediately.

Still awaiting costings (mid-March) railing safety work to be completed urgently.

Railing safety work completed Apr 2015

Resurfacing and Painting of railings handrail and step refurbishment to start w/c 10.8.15.

Extra tree work and wall renovation (2 places) to be completed (w/c 02.11.15) before resurfacing can be carried out. Railing work and new handrail complete.

Should be completed autumn/winter 2015.