Trees for Congleton

Planting Season Winter 22/23 

It is well-documented that trees are one of our biggest allies in the fight against climate change. They filter dangerous pollutants from the air using their leaves and bark. Air pollution is linked to premature death and respiratory disease, so trees help by trapping those pollutants. The Trees for Congleton group is working hard to reach our ambitious target of 30,000 trees, hedgerows and plants. View the tracker.

**Please note all dates are subject to change!**


Planting of hedges, trees and orchards will be the priority for mid-Winter, starting with sites supported by a Tree Council Branching Out grant. Bring tough gloves, spades, hand forks, wellies or boots, and warm clothing.    The following sites and dates may be subject to change, and new mid-week dates may be added – check latest information via the Trees4Congleton Whatsapp group (for which we need a mobile number if you’d like to be added), or the Trees for Congleton Facebook page. Email if you have any queries.

MARCH 2023

Tuesday 7th March, Daven School only (hedge planting).

Saturday 11thMarch, 10-12 am, Newcastle Road linear green space, West Heath (tbc)

W/c 13th March (time and date tbc) Quinta Park, planting including schoolchildren if possible (hedge)

Apologies for recent changes and uncertainty.  Other dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed.  Email or see Trees for Congleton Facebook page, or Whatsapp group for further information.

Planting Sites Overview

Trees for Congleton planting sites