Trees for Congleton

Planting Season Winter 23/24

For September, October & November we have been going back to last season’s sites and doing maintenance including weeding, mulching and trimming. 

If you can help, please bring wear gloves, wellies or boots, and appropriate clothing for the weather. Bring spade, trowel, hand fork, secateurs if you have them – but it is also OK if you don’t have any tools, they can be provided!

We also have a WhatsApp group that we use for updates, especially at the last-minute due to weather or other factors influencing plans – if you want to join the WhatsApp group, please send a mobile number to the email address above.

Trees for Congleton is currently consulting on planting proposals for a number of green spaces in West Heath – the largest is the area off Sycamore Avenue/Chestnut Drive/Beech Close/Laburnum Close and Poplar Close. There are two smaller sites off Chestnut Drive, two off Hawthorne Close, and one-off Ullswater Drive/Sandbach Road. See below for details. The Tree Council has agreed to fund all the planting costs under its Branching Out grant scheme. 

Please view the consultation pages to have your say! 


All sessions will be from 10 am to 12 am unless otherwise notified.  For details of location or other queries, email or contact us via the Facebook Page.


Wed 10th am Havannah Lane/St John’s Road, Buglawton Replacement of 2 fruit trees, plant gaps in hedge planted in 2022/3, maintenance of orchard and hedge planted in 2021/2
Thurs 11th am Start at Lowe Ave then Quayside, Lambert’s Lane 2022/3 hedgerow gap filling
Sat 13th am Banky Fields and Vale Allotments tree nursery Replace 2 fruit trees, maintain orchard.  Clear ground at tree nursery for heeling in planting stock
Sat 13th pm – time tbc Astbury Mere bridle path orchard Pruning
Sun 14th Glebe Farm, Astbury CEC Hedgelaying for Beginners course – see
Tues 16th am St John’s Playing Fields & floodplain, Buglawton Black poplar and alder planting, maintenance of 2022/3 replacement planting at S end
Thurs 18th Start at Quinta Park, then other West Heath sites Hedgerow gap planting
Sat 20th St Mary’s School orchard Pruning
Sun 21st TBC  
Tues23rd Hertford Close, Lower Heath Hedgerow gap planting and orchard maintenance
Thurs 25th Hawthorne Close – 2 sites Preparation for planting hedges & trees
Sat 27th or Sun 28th Hawthorne Close sites Planting
Tues 30th Hawthorne Close tbc Planting
Thurs 1st Chestnut Drive – 2 sites Preparation for planting hedges & trees
Sat 3rd Chestnut Drive sites Planting
Tues 6th Chestnut Drive – tbc Planting
Thurs 8th Sycamore Ave Preparation for planting
Sat 10th Sycamore Ave Planting (Start of half term?)
Sun 11th Sycamore Ave Planting
Tues 13th Stirling Close tbc Extend orchard
Thurs 15th Ullswater Rd/Sandbach Rd Preparation for planting
Sun 18th Ullswater Rd/Sandbach Rd Hedge planting
Tues 20th TBC  
Thurs 22nd Havannah Mill – tbc Preparation for planting
Sat 24th or Sun 25th Havannah Mill – tbc Hedge, tree, shrub, black poplar & orchard planting
Tues 27th TBC  
Tues 19th TBC  
Thurs 21st TBC  
Sat 23rd or Sun 24th TBC  
Tues 26th TBC  
Sat 30th or Sun 31st TBC  


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Site Plans/Consultations

The new planting sites will be listed here, with a link to each for more information so that you can give feedback. All sites will be subject to consultation. Neighbours will be contacted directly, and all residents can give their feedback via this website. Check back to see what new sites will be added for the 2023/24 season.

Chestnut Drive Green Spaces 

Hawthorne Close Green Spaces

Sycamore Ave Green Spaces 

Ullswater / Sandbach Road 



Completed 22/23

Here is a list of sites we have already planted, but you can still get involved! Would you like to become a ‘friend’ of a site near you and help to look after the young trees and hedges?  Please sign up on the relevant page below. Thank you!


Tree Group Volunteers