Congleton’s Projects and Finance Committee met recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.


Highlights include:

Project Update – Cenotaph.
Community, Environment & Services Committee briefed on the project 6th July.
New design and costing estimate (£375k) issued.
Planning application 17/3982C now with CEBC (8.8.17) and supported by CTC Planning Committee (Aug 2017)
Next steps are Public Consultation / Briefing and sourcing Funding.
DMcG gong to HLF along with I Doughty (Museum) to gauge HLF views on the project and to try and get them to come to Congleton to see for themselves.
Funding. Will need to see what comes out of the HLF visit.
Public briefing will be included in the Great War Exhibition Event, Town Hall, Saturday 21st October 1030am to 4.00pm. Posters and flyers will be out first week in October.
Public Realm Strategy.
Work ongoing, Mill St should be open as planned. JMac concerned about traffic turning left off Mill St into the pedestrian area, GW has taken this up with CEBC.
J.Mac to approach CEBC re Xmas Tree support for this year as a gesture to the traders for what has been a difficult summer/autumn.
J.Mac to approach CEBC for a pictorial design to display around the town ans on the CTC website to give the public a better idea of what is planned.
Town Centre Regeneration (Fairground Site etc)
Possible need to re-establish the Town Centre Working Group, using the NH Plan – Town Centre. Delivery Plan as a guide.

Dementia Friendly Town.
Awareness Meeting held 26th July, 40+ attended.
Steering Group formed and met 30th Aug at OSM. 20 attendees, Sara Rathbone nominated as Chair.
Next Steering Group meeting 4th October, when we will discuss pledges/drop ins and activities.
CTC voted to support the initiative at CE & Services meeting Sept 2017.



Date and Time of the next meeting.
Monday 13th November The Spencer Suite, 9.30am.