The Projects and Finance committee meeting took place recently, please download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

MMW Fund.
The fund has generated £5000 for projects this year, 8 groups have benefited from this with £4900 being allocated. This time each successful group will be given a copy of Margaret’s book at a presentation night being arranged by Jackie. This will give us an opportunity to publicise the award scheme and remind residents that the book is still available to buy.

Public Realm Strategy.
A few issues to be resolved. Parking on Swan Bank, the bollards and a small amount of signage. CEBC have offered CTC advice on cleaning materials.

Leisure Centre.
Planning application in ( 18/6319c) and work is planned to begin May/June with around 18 months to complete. This will not affect Hankinson’s Field and will offer both improved and increased range of activities.

750 Year Celebration – 2022.

Need to start thinking about how we celebrate 750 years of Congleton in 2022. Sue dale is very keen to work on this, J.Money to be involved and will try to contact Sarah Flannery, Knutsford, who has been very successful in arranging a similar event.

2021 – 150 Year of Congleton Park.
Glen advised the meeting that Congleton Park celebrated its 150th birthday in 2021. FOP are working on a celebration event(s)
J.Money to contact Sarah Flannery, Knutsford.

Date and Time of the next meeting.
Monday 11th March 2019 The Spencer Suite, 9.30am.