Congleton Partnership Projects & Finance Committee meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.


New Project Ideas.

Community Orchard Accessibility. (£1500 allocated)

Steps have now been built, the tree stump is in place ready for the Apple Core to be carved (April)

2 beds ready to plant with soft fruit bushes.

New signage to be planned for both ends of the bridle way and off West Rd ( Mereside Ave)


Heritage / Bear / Town Walk Trails.(£2500 allocated at present)

Small group working on the project MS / PA / ID.

ID has drawn up a list of potential sites, he and Peter to put some text around these. MS send out the document for P&F members to review and add other sites they feel should be considered.

Looking at ways of developing both an App and a Heritage trail Map.

PHall has sent a couple of contact points that may be able to help us deliver this project.

Overall cost is more likely to come in around £5k/£6k but this was still felt an important project for the development of our visitor economy and footfall in the town centre.

Car Park Destination Maps / Signage. (Silvermaze)

6 locations selected, feedback re additional items received. 2 more requested today (Vale Walk and Park Public Toilets.

CTC and Partnership have agreed funding, Jackie still to hear from CEBC.

Project will be completed for this summer.

Moody Street Green Area.(S106 funding )

Site visit 30.11.15 carried out. JMac/PP/Ms & JB.  JB working on a design to improve paving / screening, also making the area as DDA compliant as possible.

Mountbatten Way – Green Boulevard.

Pilot area 2 Bears roundabout to Traffic Lights Market St.

Site visit with CEBC (S.Davies & S.Barker) to look at potential and safety issues.

Ruth Burgess to draw up design and equipment paper, this to be sent to CEBC (G.Mallin, SD & SB)

CEBC to look at site clearance, de clutter and signage renewal.


Play Area Signage

MS currently working with CEBC (G.Butler/J.Byrne) re signage to highlight our major play areas. No funding requirement as yet. Would plan to turn this project into both signage and paper map project long term.

May look to develop a branding project around this through local schools (S.Isherwood?)


Havannah Weir (CSG Project) Community Power Project.

Feasibilty study will be completed in March, then judgement on viability to be taken.

EBA and Siemens have indicated some interest in the scheme.

Congleton Sports Trust.

Following D.McGiffords presentation to the Executive and its agreement to support the scheme in whatever way it can this has now been added to the new project list. May initially involve some time from MS on administration.


Date and Time of the next meeting.


Monday 16th May 2016, Town Hall, Spencer Suite, 9.30am