Projects & Finance

The aim is to support and ensure the delivery of projects that will benefit Congleton.

*The P&F committee isn’t currently meeting as the same information is covered in the executive meeting.

Vision of Projects and Finance Committee

The vision of the Projects and Finance Committee is to support and ensure the delivery of projects that will benefit Congleton as a place to work, live and visit and to improve the well-being and quality of life of its residents.  Such projects, whether promoted by the Congleton Partnership, The Town Council and others, will be those that aim to improve the economic well-being and the fabric of the town including its buildings, infra-structure and its way of life through embracing sustainable living and cultural activities such as festivals and events that enhance the quality of life of its residents and help increase ‘footfall’ in the town centre.




The remit of the Projects and Finance Committee is to provide an overview of the agreed projects to ensure a coordinated approach to the delivery of the vision; to provide help as necessary in identifying, prioritising, facilitating implementation and financial management of said projects. To encourage projects promoted by others that meet the objectives of the overall vision.

To present project ideas and agree on funding budgets (over £1000) at the quarterly Executive Meeting, along with regular project updates report to both The Executive and Congleton Town Council.



Major Challenge


To work with Congleton Town Council to deliver the New Cenotaph Project, completion 2020, and organise a dedication service in Spring 2021, government /COVID directive allowing.


The Congleton Partnership – Funding Support.

Since inception The Congleton Partnership has had regular support both financial and in-kind from:-

Congleton Town Council

Cheshire East Borough Council

Congleton Lions

Congleton Rotary club


Local Trusts:-

The Inclosure Trust

The William Dean Trust

The Town Trust


Grant Awards for projects:-

Cheshire East Borough Council


The Heritage Lottery Fund


North West Development Association

Tesco Bags for Help scheme

Local Business/ Clubs

Personal  Donations