Completed Projects

[su_spoiler title=”Radnor Park Signage” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

Aim: To improve signage in terms of businesses on the site and at the same time improve overall appearance of the site.

Radnor Park signs Congleton Radnor Park Signs Congleton

Partners: Congleton Town Council & The Congleton Partnership

Project completed winter 2013.


[su_spoiler title=”Improved route to town from Buglawton” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

There is a new, improved path from Eaton Bank Industrial estate into Congleton Park, creating a more pleasant walk or cycle into town from Buglawton. Overgrowth has been cleared, the path widened and tarmacked, new gates, some fencing and lighting added. This is the phase three of the River Dane Walkway which is being promoted by Congleton Partnership and Congleton Town Council. Phase one was the new path from Aldi to the Pavilion Bridge in the park. Phase 2 has been half completed and takes the route from Dane Mill to Town Bridge at the bottom of Rood Hill.

Riverdane walkway Riverdane walkway


[su_spoiler title=”Junk Fun at The Electric Picture House” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

The Electric Picture House and Congleton In Bloom ran a series of free workshops for children, during half term (27-30 May 2015), based on the theme Space. These workshops were generously sponsored by Congleton Partnership and Congleton Young people’s Trust.

Evie and Lily (4, 7, Saint Mary’s School) Congleton in bloom

Evie and Lily (4, 7, Saint Mary’s)

The aim was to get children attending the workshops to design and create the scenery for the Space and the Planets Exhibition, including images of the solar eclipse, banners and signs, robots from recycled materials.  Many children had the opportunity to get creative, making junk robots, banners and planets which will decorate the exhibition in the polytunnel near Congleton Park during the summer.

Petra Lea, the artist from the EPH who ran the workshops said, “It was fantastic to see the children being creative and using their imaginations to create visually stunning decorations. This included children from as far afield as Handforth and Middlewich”.

Space and the Planets exhibition

Eleven gardens will be created in the polytunnel by local schools, pre-schools, guiding and scouting groups and youth groups each with a planet theme to help enhance Congleton’s bid for gold in the North West In Bloom competition, judged on 20 July by the NWIB regional judges.

Patti Pinto, who is organising the exhibition for Congleton In Bloom said, “We would like to thank Congleton Partnership and the Young People’s Trust for their support and Petra for running the workshops.  We now have lots of hand crafted items to use to decorate the polytunnel.  These artefacts will compliment the gardens and enhance the atmosphere in the tunnel for our visitors.  The work put in by the children was amazing.  Red paint and glue seemed especially popular for robot making.”

Izzy (10, Marlfields School) Congleton in Bloom

Izzy (10, Marlfields)

For further information on workshops etc. please contact The Electric Picture House, Cross Street, Congleton, CW12 1HQ, tel. 01260 270908, email:

Info on Space & Planets exhibition contact Patti Pinto, 07757 611973



Petra Lea with Millie Johnson (4, Middlewich), working on paper mosaic

Petra Lea with Millie Johnson (4, Middlewich), working on paper mosaic


Gail & Adam Diorazio (9), Sarah Sands & Jessica Grayson (6), Buglawton Primary

Gail & Adam Diorazio (9), Sarah Sands & Jessica Grayson (6), Buglawton Primary



Congleton Young Peoples Trust Limited, Registered Charity Number: 517746 


Petra and Izzy with a space banner made from recycled materials

Petra and Izzy with a space banner made from recycled materials


Petra and Patti completing the mosaic background




[su_spoiler title=”Cycleway Improvement:  Town Centre – Railway Station – Buglawton” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

Aim: To develop a “Traffic Free” route from the Town Centre to Congleton Railway Station and improve the Canal Towpath link from Buglawton to Biddulph Valley Way and Congleton Railway Station.

Partners:- The Congleton Partnership, Congleton Town Council, Cheshire East Council, Rivers and Canal Trust, The Congleton Cycling Campaign & Northern Rail

Situation Update:

Townsend Road through to Thames Close completed March 2014.

Completed cycle pathway Congleton Cheshire

Completed cycle pathway March 2014 Townsend Rd through to Thames Close

Link through Severn Close down onto the Canal Towpath , east towards Congleton Station. Improve the steps and cycle access to the station.

J.Mills has received a quote for towpath work from C&R (£43k) and has asked them to develop the plan further. (216mtrs at min of 2mtrs wide) Severn Close to Railway Station.

J.Mills to contact Belmont (Bromley Rd) re cycle “channel/wheel guide” for the steps from the canal to the station. Was originally quoted £13.5k +VAT

C&R .  Are carrying out monthly work party events (last Friday each month ) to improve the area as a whole both vegetation and litter wise.

Glens in Bloom activity and station improvement is coming along brilliantly. Mosaics now in place on each platform, they were created by workshops at Electric Picture House.

1 Sheffield Cycle rack installed April 2015 (5 spaces)

Wheel guide rail up the steps from the canal to the station fitted by Belmont Construction, Bromley Rd, Congleton.

Wheel guide rail up the steps from the canal to the station fitted by Belmont Construction, Bromley Rd, Congleton.


Canal & Rivers Trust working on having towpath refurbishment work done by end March 2015. Closure notice served, work begins w/c 9th March for 2 weeks.

Towpath work completed April 2015, site visit raised a small amount of snagging to be carried out, further visit will take place once snagging completed.

tow path improvements congleton

Cycleway signage for the link from the Town Centre to The Railway Station and the Town centre dismount signage to be erected by the end of March. Scheduled for 24.2.15 

Town centre dismount signage sited and operative

All signage now completed (just a couple of minor adjustments to make.)

Ongoing work to improve cycle access around Lawton St/ Park Lane junction. CEBC to commission a design and feasibility study on this.

[su_spoiler title=”Antrobus Street Gardens” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

Aim: To open up the gardens from the car park, improve their appearance as a vital “green space” within the town centre to include possible artwork/sculpture and adult exercise area.

Partners: The Congleton Partnership, Congleton Town Council, Cheshire East Council & Readesmoor Medical Practice.

Antrobus gardens project Congleton

Antrobus Street Gardens has had a complete makeover with the area benefiting from new hard and soft landscaping. This has resulted in improved access to  the gardens and adjacent Readesmoor Medical Centre from the Public car park. The area is proving to be very popular with a noticeable increase in usage as a place to sit and relax and a more convenient way to access the Medical Centre.

The garden was  designed and project managed by  Ansa Environmental in consultation with partners  Congleton Partnership and Congleton in Bloom. It has a health theme with benefits  including 2 pieces of outdoor gym equipment and edible plants including fruit trees and bushes planted amongst the ornamentals.  An apple core sculpture/ resting seat and a wooden arch carved from oak with fruit carvings are features of the garden. The apex of the arch mirrors that of the Church roof behind it.

The project costing in the region of £45,000 was jointly funded through 106 contributions with additional funds coming from Congleton Partnership and Readesmoor Medical Centre.

Antrobus St Gardens – Progress to date (9.6.15)

Cutting out the area for the Gym Equipment. Congleton


Antrobus St Gardens Congleton

Antrobus Street gardens


[su_spoiler title=”Community Orchard (Astbury Mere)” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]
Community Orchard (Astbury Mere)Objective.

To Improve pathways and signage. Add Fruit bushes, create a ‘Forest Garden’ effect. The signage will help explain the development and encourage community usage.

Budget agreed. Work progressing on site and will be completed by late spring.

Steps completed/tree trunk sited ready for carving

Apple Core carving (April)

2 x soft fruit hedges / beds to be planted an full of fruit

New signage to be looked at both ends of the bridle way and West Rd.

Signage has been agreed (Green with White Writing showing distances)Forest Garden

New signage to be looked at both ends of the bridle way and West Rd. Sited June 2016

New Interpretation Board outlining development 2016.

Astbury Mere Congleton


[su_spoiler title=”River Dane Walkway/Cycleway (Scout Hut to Town Bridge – £43k est)” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

Aim: To complete the River Dane walkway /cycleway (this is the last piece) from Dane Street through to Riverdane Road (Eaton Bank Industrial Estate)Congleton ropewalk

Partners: The Congleton Partnership

Situation Update.

Partners:- The Congleton Partnership

Situation to-date. No S106 to come from proposed Dane Mill development and not currently on Cheshire East works list. P.Bates to contact McCarthey Stone to see if they would be willing to provide some funding support. Est cost £43K, no completion target set.


As reported before funding for the scheme (£43k) proving difficult.

I have written to Steph Cordon re some support from CEBC’s  “Surplus £900k Fund” she is away until 28th July, hopefully will present the idea to Cllr Jones on return. I have kept Cllr Topping in the loop.

CEBC replied indicating that our request was a little too large, we may have to put around £14k in the pot to make it happen.

CEBC have confirmed a contribution of £25k towards the project, and a joint meeting between CEBC (Public Rights of Way &  Highways) and The Partnership is being arranged.

Site visit planned early Jan 2015. CEBC Highways will manage the project with support from the Public Rights of Way team and The Partnership.

Site visit has taken place. MH (Highways) costing/scoping out project to improve steps, railings, tree canopy and access.

GB (Public Rights of Way) contacting Heritage / Land Registry re implications of the project.

Dangerous railing issues to be tackled immediately.

Still awaiting costings (mid March) railing safety work to be completed urgently.

Railing safety work completed Apr 2015

Resurfacing and Painting of railings handrail and step refurbishment to start w/c 10.8.15.

Extra tree work and wall renovation (2 places) to be completed (w/c 02.11.15) before resurfacing can be carried out. Railing work and new hand rail complete.

Should be completed autumn/winter 2015.


[su_spoiler title=”Town Centre Development” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

Working party to look at Town Centre Occupancy set up (inc Sian Raw-Rees from Timothy A Brown)

1st meeting held 25th June. S.Raw- Rees (Timothy A Brown) attended. Discussion around rent/rates/planning change of ownership. MS/JMac to look at the operation/work commitment around doing a healthcheck on the Town.

JMac to contact Clowes re the letting of Capitol Walk units.

High St 2020 workshop held 18th June. JMac attended conference at Manchester 10/7.

Follow up workshop to be held in September.

Comments at the meeting were made re the increase in activity and how it appeared to be improving footfall within the town.

Simon Quinn from High St UK 2020 came back to Congleton on 10th November. Outlined some of their thinking and findings (nationally), promised us an options document by the year end and a further visit / session Jan 2015.

Next 2020 meeting Thursday 26th Feb 2015


[su_spoiler title=”Moody St Green Area” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]

moody street green area


The long term the plan is totally upgrade this area to the level on the Antrobus St Gardens improvement. There is some S106 allocated to this currently, the idea has been accepted by the greenspace officer.

Site visit carried out in Dec, J.Byrne ( Greenspaces Officer) working on a concept design which will be ready for mid March 2016. MS circulate when available. This will be work in progress for this years In Bloom effort.

Site visit carried out in Dec, J.Byrne ( Greenspaces Officer) working on a concept design which will be ready for mid March 2016. MS circulate when available. This will be work in progress for this years In Bloom effort.

Moody Street draft design Congleton

JB let MS have draft design by end March

Draft design, will be some tweaking to make the first level DDA compliant some that people in wheelchairs or mums with buggys can access the area. The table could then be sited on that level instead of the next one down. Maybe some more trellis fencing to the right-hand corner.

7th Sept MS & JMac met with Marianne Hodgkinson, Parks Development Consultant ANSA. Discuss plans and what could be achieved to make it DDA compliant and Community user friendly. MS has contacted Chapel St Nursery who would like to get involved with their children. Will be finished in time for In Bloom 2017. New greenspaces manager in place ( Ruth Morgan) she is aware of the project.

Project commenced 27th Jan.

Moody Street Garden, Congleton

Raised beds, new fencing and base levelled. Currently the base is tarmac, waiting for a stone and resin finish. New seating, toddler’s picnic table and planters being sourced from Country Rustics.

Ruth Burgess is working on a planting scheme, 2 x Wildlife Mosaics being produced by Congleton Creative ( EPH)

Moody Street, Congleton

Later plans to involve the community in bird boxes and bug hotel project to encourage wildlife into the garden. Also Food 4 Free  in herb beds etc.

Moody Street Gardens Congleton


Project Completed , garden formally opened 12th June 2017


[su_spoiler title=”Mountbatten Way” icon=”folder-1″ style=”fancy”]


A project to remove the railings and create a central green boulevard.

BE/DMcG to discuss with Cllr D Brown (CEBC Deputy Leader) the concept of a trial area between the 2 Bears Roundabout and Market St traffic lights. Possible use tubs / containers to green the area and reduce the impact of iron railings.

Gary Mallin CEBC Higways

Met with S.Davies and S.Barker 9.3.16 to discuss ideas and highway considerations. Completed a site visit.

Ruth Burgess to put a design and equipment plan together and forward to GM/SD/SB for consideration

CEBC to look at improving condition and siting of the signage around the pilot area.

Old railings now removed by Cheshire East, 5 Tubs / Tree (Sorbus Joseph Rock) sited on central reservation (July 2016) Phase 2 planned for later 2016. Sub group to look at possibilities.

Mountbatten way

Phs 2 Siting ideas sent to S.Davies CEBC. RB/MS planning field visit with S Davies to finalise agreements. Siting agreed, 7 x trees should be in by end   Jan/early Feb

Mountbatten way Congleton

Extra support coming in from Cheshire East means that we have been able to not only complete the “trees” project but also replace all of the older planters bringing in a more corporate image.

Mountbatten way Congleton planting trees

Project Complete June 2017