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‘Bob’s Blog’ appears in the Congleton Chronicle:


Bob is a born and bred Congletonian, and in his younger days lived in Back Park Street with his family. Bob says he’s getting on a bit now, but he’s in the know about anything worth doing or hearing about as far as older people are concerned .  Over to you Bob……


I love my back yard, I grow lots of things in pots and I’ve got a nice little border that catches the sun – the best this year have been the bright orange marigolds and the antirrhinums tall as you like!   But I don’t have the space or energy for growing any veg these days. – it’s a shame.


Then I got a phone call from  Victoria at Age Uk, and she tells me that from the beginning of October they’re taking over an allotment plot at the Hilary Avenue Allotment Association.

They want volunteers to help  – people who’ve got gardening, planting and growing skills .

Do you know I’d love that!   I could do as much as I like and not have the worry of maintaining the whole plot on my own – I’m going to give it a go, do you fancy joining me?  Victoria says to give her a ring on 01625 612958 .   Or do the email thing

Yep, a bit of gardening helps  keep me ‘ in the pink! ‘   And that reminds me, I’ve had a letter from the Doc saying I can have a CVD check – cardio and diabetes.   Have to go up to the War Memorial for a blood test first (must remember no supper or brekky that day!)  but then the nurse sees me and tells me how I’m doing and the likelihood of me developing problems.   Like they sat ‘prevention is better than a cure!’   Sounds like a good idea to me.  I’ll let you know how I go on…


Bob Bear signing out till next week….