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‘Bob’s Blog’ a weekly column in Congleton Chronicle

Introducing a new columnist – Bob Bear will be sharing his weekly Blog.

Bob is a born and bred Congletonian, and in his younger days lived in Back Park Street with his family. Bob says he’s getting on a bit now, but he’s  in the know about anything worth doing or hearing about as far as older people are concerned .  Over to you Bob……


Well this is a first for me …  a Blog!!!  A friend is typing this up for me as I can’t use a computer (YET!)   I suppose it’s because I know a lot of people in Congleton that I get to know what’s going on.  Only this week I got an invite to the Congleton Senior Forum –WOW !  I found out some valuable stuff.   I thought you had to be a Plus Dane tenant to get one of those alarm thingies.   But No!  Karen from Plus Dane told us about all sorts of technology that you can buy for a few pounds a week .   There’s a pad for the bed  – if you’re taken short in the night (no, it’s not what you’re thinking – stay with me) and you have a funny turn, it knows you ‘ve not got back into bed and it alerts the care team who come and check .   Isn’t that amazing?   There’s a thing for your wrist too– if you fall or trip it knows and sends an alert!  And there’s loads more.  Call Plus Dane on 0800 169 2988 and ask for a visit, and Karen says there’s no pressure to buy –beat that!!   If you are computer literate ( jargon for  if you can use a computer) you can email them at

As you can see from my pic I’m not very computer savvy!   But Alyssa who I’ve met at the Senior Forum – she’s a Community Agent – is going to come to see me and explain some basic stuff about emails.   And even better she knows someone who can get the thing out of the box and up and working –one of their volunteers, a computer expert who can fix the  technology or teach people how to use it properly. Fantastic I say!!

For older folk computer stuff can be life –changing.   Did you know you can even do your supermarket shop without leaving home!    If you’ re scared of computers and don’t want to be learning in a group with other people give Alyssa a ring on 07901787272

When I’ve done my first online shop I’ll let you know……


Bob Bear signing out till next week….