The senior forum group meeting took place recently, you can download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Documents linked to in the minutes are:

Changing lives Y2 Q2 Report

Changing Lives Y2 Q3 Report 

Highlights include:
Senior Forum Survey Results

28 respondents filled in the survey and made suggestions; these have been split into 2 groups. Big project ideas and smaller ones, group comments below:

Big Project Ideas

Bus-related projects – Macc Hospital Link, Congleton Round Robin.

Existing Community Transport scheme, can we extend it? The partnership has earmarked funds for Driver Training. Kay attended a meeting held on Community Transport, run by ChALC. Ideas:

Community carshare type scheme

Bus hire scheme – where one of the minibuses (say) is used for a specific purpose each week, like taking people to a regular club or meeting.

Community bus service – with bus stops and a timetable (as long as not competing with a commercial service), using the Partnership minibuses.

Day Care Facility/ Carers support – Mountview related.

–        Can we bring back into use deserted buildings at War Memorial?


Convalescence Facilities

Drop in Café

–        Existing community cafes – is it a case of finding out what already exists with more targeted communications? Congleton Cricket Club hold a very successful group – how do they attract people?

Mental Health Hub

–        Hopefully something that will come to fruition with Plus Dane Premises, Cathy to sit on the steering group if it goes ahead.

Boules Court

DIY support service

–        Connect with Alison at the Old Sawmill who heads up the volunteer programme.


Smaller Project Ideas

Swimming/Exercise at Leisure Centre for Seniors

Cathy to contact the manager to see what provisions they have already

Bromley Farm Time Out leaflet

Access to Banking

–        Falls under digital inclusions which we will be looking at.

Congleton Widows

Mind Body and Soul at Football Club

Computer Courses

Gentle walking Groups

Regular Tea Dance Event

–        An event we want to run, could look to do a Christmas event?

Swimming Sessions at Leisure Centre