The Senior Forum meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

East Cheshire Hospice @ Home – Russell Chadwick.


Russell took us through a presentation about the new Home Service that is being planned for launch around June this year.


The Hospice itself has been running now for 30 years, it can accommodate 500 patients a year and costs around £4m per year.  Most of their running cost is raised through fundraising / donations with only 17% coming from the NHS.


The new scheme “Hospice at Home” which will employ 16 nurses, and cost approx. £440K a year should be able to look after around 250 patients within their own homes.


Russell is currently carrying out a funding drive to cover the next 5 years funding to support this new operation.


You can contact Russell :- or 01625664995

 Congleton U3A – P.Adby ( Vice Chair)


Paul took us through a presentation on the history of U3A from its launch in France in 1972 where it had strong connections to academia to its Uk launch in 1982 where the academia link did not apply, and on to the launch of Congleton U3A in 1998.


Their motto is LEARN LAUGH & LIVE


Worldwide there are now 1000groups with 400,000 members. Congleton has 1400 members, with 110 activity groups, there is no age limit, but must be retired or semi- retired.

The next signing on night is likely to be in August, possibly at Eaton Bank Academy.


You can find out more about their activities and availability on courses by visiting their website :-


Congleton Contact The Elderly – Louise Hughes.

Contact the elderly is a national charity that was set up in 1965 to help change the lives of people over 75 and over who live alone and cannot get out on their own. Using a small group of volunteer hosts and drivers they organise small tea parties (approx. 10 guests) once a month at no cost to the guests.

Louise has been running a group in Macclesfield for over 2 years and is now looking to start up a group in Congleton. Louise is currently recruiting drivers and hosts, she is having some success and hopes to hold her first party on the first Sunday of May.

There are currently restrictions on wheelchair users, dementia can offer a challenge, Louise is happy to visit them / families to assess the situation.

If you know of anyone who would be willing to volunteer as a driver or host please contact Louise on 01260281093.

PA offered to host one at The Old Saw Mill.

Louise will send me a PDF which I will circulate to members.

Senior Health Fayre – Friday 29th Sept 2017

Sub group to be set up as last year. Suggested members;- Usman Ashiq, Alyssa Baines, Suzie Akers Smith, Lisa Alcock, Sarah Jacklin and Anna Bignell.

First meeting after Easter.

MS send last years’ contacts / attendees to Alyssa.

Need to get more by in from NHS workers / surgeries.

MS has copies of last years’ flier, poster and media adverts.

Next meeting to take place on the 4th April.