Congleton’s Senior Forum meeting took place recently, download full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Anti-Scamming Awareness  – Andy Burrows (CEBC)

 Andy talk about his work involving the Community Partnership and Trading Standards Investigation Team. He indicate that there was quite a large number of residents within Cheshire East that were regularly being targeted (up to 600)

Most of the scams were physical (not electronic) with an average loss of around £1300 per victim equating to around £1m in Cheshire East, the average age of the victim being 82.

He explained tell-tail signs to look for in home – High number of letters, vitamin pills, high cheque book usage being the mail indicators.

Andy promised to send out some supporting documents for MS to circulate.

(Docs received and circulated – Scams Toolkit Edition 1, Flow chart of scamming & Questions to ask)

 Actions:- If we find this happening within our day to day operations or even family / friends then send details to Andy (

Louise to involve Bob’s Blog and CVS Newsletter to communicate this issue

AgeUK have a booklet (Avoiding |Scams) available to down load from their websites publications page

Andy has agreed to support the Senior Health Fayre 30th September.


Senior Health Fayre – 30th September, Congleton Town Hall.

The next meeting of the subgroup is planned for 6th June. They are in the process of drawing up a list of organisations they would like to participate, after which they will send out formal invitations.

Looking to promote the event through flyers (MS check on U3A signing on day, could be a good source to use), through member organisations/clubs/ churches and social media

Group to talk to our commercial partners re refreshments.

Tesco to be approached to see if they would support / supply food for our cooking demonstrations.

Target is to get an attendance of around 150 residents.


The next senior forum meetings are.

Digital Inclusion Sub Group – Tues 5th July 2016 – 3.00pm Spencer Suite, Town Hall


Senior Forum (Full group) – Tues 19th July 2016 – 3.00pm Spencer Suite, Town Hall.