Congleton Partnership Senior Forum meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Update on the Buddy and Befriending Service.

Born out of the covid crisis – the Senior Forum looked for an organisation which was already doing something similar. Changing Lives was chosen as the service provider. Targets were given:

Results so far:

Pete Marsden running the project has commented that the Social Prescribers have been a great source of referrals for them.

Catherine commented via email “I can speak on behalf of us all that there is a huge need for befriending in the CHOC area. Changing Lives Together and Pete Marsden has been fantastic with accepting our referrals and matching patients to a befriender quickly. It is a shame that this service is only via telephone.”

A bottleneck in the service seems to be finding volunteers.

A similar service is provided by Snow Angels but they go into people’s homes as well, it would be great if we could expand the scheme. Also, we know of carers who are isolated so could we have a buddy system for carers?

Kate – At Crossroads they do have a ‘Care to Chat’ for carers, only done on a small scale but volunteers commit to ringing for one hour per week, peer support is very effective. We also run a pen-pal scheme.

Carers can also access support at our West Street Day Care service, as they drop people off, we have advisors on hand to answer ad hoc questions that come up, and we do a lot of signposting to other services.

Suzy will be picking up leaflets which promote the services at Crossroads, they also have walk & talk, coffee & chat groups.

Please visit the website for more information:

Platinum Jubilee Party

The Senior Forum part funded a Platinum Jubilee Party jointly with the Town Council which was a great success, we had some great feedback.

It would be great if we could hold an annual tea dance event at the town hall and invite different groups from within the town.

We contributed £400 but the figure would likely be much more if we held it again as Jubliee funding will not be around.

David – one negative comment was that the group didn’t know anything about it.

Admittedly it was all arranged very last minute, an email did go round to the group regarding funding the event but Rachel from the town council organised it. David suggested that the Lions would help with volunteers at a future event. Victoria – great idea to hold an annual event, so much hasn’t been taken away from people over the last couple of years it’s great to have something to look forward to. Cathy to speak to Rachel about the organisation of the event.

Next Meetings.

Tuesday 27th September at 10 am

Tuesday 29th November at 10 am

Via Zoom or Teams – I will send a calendar invite out with the correct link on.