Senior Forum held a meeting, you can read the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Jubilee Party – Cathy spoke to Rachel who organised the last Jubilee party in May ’22, they invited 6 people from each care home, Snow Angels, Old Sawmill Lunch club, and Shaun knocked on the bungalows on crescent rd. West heath was totally missed out. Community minibuses were used to pick guests up, this took much longer than planned.

Estimated costs are around £1500 – £2000. It was pulled together without much notice so with a bit of thought and planning we can invite different groups and target those that are isolated. Everyone in the group agreed that it would be great to repeat, the feedback was lovely from the guests. Cathy to work out a price per head and dates for next year.

Health and Wellbeing Fayre

Great feedback from last year’s event despite still being affected by high covid rates in Congleton. Suggested date Tuesday 28th March ’23.

One of the criticisms online of last year’s event was the timing as people were at work. Would a new time of 2 pm until 6 pm work better? Cathy to send out a survey of last year’s exhibitors and post it on Facebook.

Space was very tight last year in the hall with 40 exhibitors – should the number be less?

A sub-group focused on the Fayre will be needed to organise.

Tuesday 29th November 10 am via Microsoft Teams