Active Travel Congleton

Congleton Cycling Campaign is an independent group within the Congleton Sustainability Group, and thus the Congleton Partnership. We are a group of volunteers who are working to improve cycling in and around the town for workers, shoppers and school children. From our start-up in 1996, we have aimed to promote and encourage cycling in all its forms and to work to get the local authorities to facilitate safe cycling. We work with other cycle groups and clubs as well as the transport charity Sustrans to represent the interests of local cyclists. We are also members of the Cheshire East Cycling Campaign/Forum. To show your support, you can join us for only £5 per household annually, and benefit from 10% discount at the Cycle Centre in West Rd. Members are also welcome to become actively involved, but this is purely optional. Achievements so far include:

  • Publication of Congleton Cycle Network map and updated versions for local distribution including to primary schools for every year 5 and 6 schoolchild. Third edition published in June 2011.
  • Production of a cycle network map of the area in 2013 (in conjunction with SE Cheshire Cycle Group), for local distribution.
  • Cycle access to Congleton Park.
  • Upgrading of the footpath between Newcastle Rd (A34) and Solly Crescent to an authorised cycle route, widened and surfaced.
  • Improved cycle parking in and around town.
  • Safe road crossings for Willow St. and the Clayton By-pass.
  • Cycle lanes along West Rd. and the Clayton By-pass.
  • Route 55 signs (including destinations) through the town.

Find out more information at Congleton Cycling Campaign’s website and Facebook page.

Also, visit Active Cheshire, Active Travel is about encouraging and enabling you to make more journeys by foot or cycle and fewer journeys by car.

Cycle maps

Download Cycle Maps: (a) Congleton Town Network; (b) Cycle routes connecting 5 towns.

Improving Congleton Cycleways

Congleton Cycling Campaign works tirelessly to improve cycleways in and around Congleton. Here are two examples:

Solly Crescent Congleton

Cycleway Development Canal Towpath – Severn Close to Congleton Station.