Green Living Course

The carbon reduction team promotes and educates green living in Congleton.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


There is no doubt that Climate Change will affect the world with major changes in weather patterns. Congleton Sustainability Group (CSG) founded in June 2009, to encourage people of Congleton how to live with more resilience in face of Climate Change. The carbon reduction team promotes and educates green living in Congleton and designed  SLIC (Sustainable Living in Congleton) course in 2011.

Green Living Online Course

Discover how to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint, by making changes to the food you eat, energy you use, how you travel and things you buy.

This course is free and you are not required to login, however if you would like to track your progress and return to complete the course at a later date we strongly recommend you enrol:

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Why a Green Living / SLIC Course?

  • 97% of Climate scientists and Governments accept that Climate Change is happening, leading to drought, flooding, extremes of wind and temperature
  • In the last 200 years, burning fossil fuels has generated higher levels of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere
  • CO2 levels increased from 280 ppm to 400 ppm since the Industrial Revolution started



View the SLIC presentation:

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