Trees for Congleton – Completed Sites

Back Lane 


Linked amenity green spaces between Back Lane, Hawthorne Close and Chestnut Drive, with some older birch, cherry and lime trees dating from when the area was developed.

Mixed species native hedging with hedgerow trees, flowering cherries commemorating the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022, and a mini-orchard were added between 2021 and 2023.


Planting benefits

A particular planting benefit is the separation of the green space from traffic by the new hedge, improving safety, filtering air pollution and adding to the amenity. Planting also helps to mitigate the effects of climate change through carbon storage, shade and shelter, and by introducing new habitats, food and a green corridor for wildlife.

Planting was supported by Congleton Partnership, Congleton Town Council and the William Dean Trust.



Back Lane Final planting plan


Once new planting is established, generally after one year, it is handed over to Congleton Town Council’s Streetscape team which already looks after green spaces in the town.  Cheshire East Council (Ansa) may also be involved, working alongside our Town Council team. Fruit trees will be pruned by volunteers. It is appreciated that many residents help by picking litter when visiting the green space.

It is intended that the hedge is maintained at around 1.2m high, with sides trimmed only lightly, or in alternate years, to allow the hedge to thicken and flowers and berries to be produced.

It should be noted that cars are not permitted on the green space.

Biodiversity Site

As this is one of the Town Council’s 30 Biodiversity Sites any information on wildlife or suggestions for enhancement would be welcomed.

The Council has worked with a qualified landscape architect to create a Biodiversity Plan for Congleton. This plan identifies 30 sites where there is an opportunity to promote more biodiversity. 


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